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The room of the shower room pulley is cleaned

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The room of the shower room pulley is cleaned

First, the shower room glass sliding door track pulley is broken repair method

1. If your sliding door is stuck, it has a penetrating oil lubrication stick. Removing any debris from the track may hinder the movement of the door.


2, if the glass door swings or the stick adjusts the drum, because it moves along the track to push and pull the door. Look at the small holes in the top and bottom of the door near the mix. Depending on the design of your door, the adjustment hole can be either at the front of the door or along the edge. Insert a small Phillips screwdriver into each hole counterclockwise to expand the rollover if your door is too loose. If the roller is retracted inside the door card, turn the screwdriver clockwise.

3. Lift the bottom of the sliding door vertically upwards from the mixer of the track to remove the bottom set. Pull the door down, away from the top track to loosen the top rug. Place the door on a sturdy table or roller of a workbench, so you have a clear statement.

4. Check the drum and replace any damaged, damaged or worn. To remove the screws above the mixing, adjust the hole above. Try not to separate, door frames, glass pulled off


5. Remove the mounting screws along the top and bottom doorways if the track is damaged or shown signs of wear. Install the replacement track and tighten the screws to fix on the new track.

6. Tilt the bottom rollover top set at the top of the track towards you when you are ready to reinstall the sliding glass door. Lower the bottom of the door until the bottom track where the rim bites to. Repeat step 2 to adjust the spokes if the door does not fit in the correct track.

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