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Door and window hardware fittings for pulleys

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Door and window hardware fittings for pulleys

With the development of science and technology, the materials of the construction industry are changing with each passing day. Various new materials, door and window accessories are used in building doors and windows, and window types have also developed a lot. Common are flush windows, sliding windows, hanging windows, inverted inverted, integrated windows, flat push windows, each window type adapts to the occasion, the accessories used are different. Purchase of door and window hardware accessories.


Sealing tape: It is widely used in doors and windows, whether it is the contact part of the door and window sash and the frame, or the contact part of the glass and the fan material. The sealing strip has the functions of shock absorption, mood absorption, sealing, sound insulation, dustproof and so on. Therefore, the use of sealing tape cannot be ignored. When purchasing, we can focus on the strength, resilience, tensileity, and surface gloss of the seal. At the same time, it can be tested whether the paint substance is also reflected.

Ammonium chain (sliding bracing): divided into flip window sliding brace, hanging window sliding bracing, and flat push window sliding brace. The first two are similar in the knot grid, the opening angle is different from the force, and the flat push window sliding support is more special and rare, and it will not be introduced here. Trickle is usually made of stainless steel 304, and the requirements are even 316. Very few will have 201 materials. As for copper, iron, aluminum alloys and the like, there will be none. When purchasing skids, people can pay attention to the type, size, notch, and thickness and load-bearing of the flakes.

Good, good feel, flat and smooth coating.

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